Tech Support Links

              Technical support for using online applications:            

CHROME support videos: 

CHROME - setting up Seesaw, Office 365, bookmarks and using tabs

SEESAW support videos:

SEESAW - overview of main tools in Seesaw

SEESAW - comparison of Seesaw video capture compared to "Camera" video capture

SEESAW - log in error OR "400 bad request"

SEESAW - use Seesaw video capture and share the link to TEAMS or other apps

TEAMS support videos:

TEAMS - overview of main tools in TEAMS

TEAMS - How to capture photo in SEESAW, save to downloads, and "+ADD WORK"   into TEAMS

TEAMS - capture a link from a video in Seesaw to post a link in TEAMS

OFFICE 365 - WORD, ... ,  support videos:

POWERPOINT - use built in screen recorder to capture your screen (uploadable size ) 

WORD - "unlicensed product" error. Watch video for fixing this error.


NOTE:  if you used the recommended Seesaw video recorder tool to capture your video (since it automatically reduces the size of the video ) , then you may need to start by clicking on ellipsis  ... and choose to SAVE (download) the video to your computer, follow video #1 below, and then upload to Seesaw again. 

1. How to use Video Editor built into Windows 10 to rotate VIDEO orientation 

2. How to use iMovie on an Apple device to rotate VIDEO orientation.

3. How to use tools on ANDROID device to rotate VIDEO orientation


TEAMS - download client copy of TEAMS for local use

ONENOTE  - download client copy of OneNote for local use